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Cloudwalker, Cherokee Warrior, and Insane FS Mom

I am the insane wife of a US diplomat. I’m working on bringing this insanity out in some sort of creative way that makes me look brilliant, but so far I’m just succeeding in looking crazy. And redneck…

Follow me as I blunder my way through photography projects, attempting to sell said photography, painting driftwood, channelling my grandfather as I gather shells, wood, and whatever else on the ground catches my fancy, trying to raise two girls in this lifestyle with a minimum of damage, and navigating my way through new cultures every few years.

Oh! Visit my other page Arklahoma Muse. You know you want my photographs!

  1. The Commonzense of Saint James permalink

    Hey thanks for the follow! Feel free to share your thoughts anytime. Peace!

  2. Les permalink

    What is a “nokie”? That pops up sometimes in relation to things Cherokee.

    • As far as I can tell, Nokie is just the first name of a Cherokee musician. When I googled the term, my web address came up with the “nokie” part highlighted. But it’s Observations of An Okie” as in, someone from Oklahoma. So if there is a deeper meaning, I have no idea what it is.

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