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Stuff of Fairy Tales

December 1, 2014

So I thought these only existed in illustrations in children’s books or as chairs for garden gnomes in brightly painted lawn decorations.  I had no idea this mushroom is actually a thing, in all it’s red with white spots splendor.  How cool is that?!

Make Believe Mushroom

I didn’t pick it, or it’s friends, as picking mushrooms in the forest is apparently against the law in Belgium.  But then again I don’t pick strange mushrooms anyway because I was taught not to because that shit can kill you.  I haven’t decided if the law is necessary to protect the flora of Belgium, or to protect idiots from making themselves ill after eating mushrooms they incorrectly identified as safe for consumption.  I could research that I guess. But I don’t think I will. A little mystery is good…

One Comment
  1. benved permalink

    This is a good one not to eat! Its really poisonous.Name: Amanita muscaria

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